Car Related Injuries

Whiplash injuries are common in automobile and sports accidents.

Work Related Injuries

The commonly injured areas are like aforementioned neck, back and carpal tunnel

Sport Related Injuries

Athletes often injure their Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACLs) during their performance.

People who experienced whiplash may experience pain, stiffness, and poor range of motion, among other symptoms. Some people may feel mental or emotional symptoms such as loss of memory or focus, insomnia, and depression. Massage is a safe treatment for neck pain, especially in the short term. People who received massage therapy once a week for 10 weeks reported reduced pain for at least four weeks after the end of these treatments, and people with spinal cord injuries received them in car crashes.

It can also help manage stress, anxiety and PTSD. It shows improvements in blood pressure, respiration, and pulse rate up to three hours after receiving a massage. Researchers recommend intensive care units to use safe and effective massage therapy to improve patients’ physical and psychological health. 

People injure their spines in automobile or motorcycle crashes more often than in any other situation.

People in automobile accidents often injure their knees (though not as often as heads, necks, and spines). Statistics show car crash victims often injure their Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACLs), as do many athletes. Massage therapy has been shown to provide pain relief and healing for people with a wide variety of knee problems.

Massage therapy, especially within several hours of an auto accident, can help people recover their emotional balance.


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Meet Dr. Brendan Krause

Over 19 years ago Dr. Krausse arrived on Maui and founded his chiropractic practice. He is a graduate of Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon.  He has a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. Through his experience and worldwide knowledge regarding human anatomy, he decided to offer a wider range of services. His massage and spa team is a group of massage therapists that work on daily bases healing locals and tourists. Constantly updating their knowledge to offer the best Hawaiian treatment!


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Worried about coverage? We are one of the few practices that work with Hawaii's main health insurance companies. You just need to let them know we are the practice of your preference. 

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After we agree that we start communication with your insurance, with a co-payment between $15.00 to $20.00 we start our sessions. Auto and Work injuries insurance don't need co-pay.


Our team is a group of massage therapists that are experts on the matter, and you can choose who you would rather work with. We can also advice you who we believe would be best for you!



Swedish Massage

Thai Massage



The Swedish massage techniques vary from light to vigorous. Swedish massage uses five styles of strokes. 

Rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked.

Massage with fingers, thumbs, feet and palms; assisted stretching; and joint manipulation and mobilization.

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage

Neuromuscular Massage

Is deeper pressure which is beneficial for releasing chronic muscle tension.

This massage technique are specific to the athlete's sport of choice.​ 

A form of soft tissue manipulation that aims to treat underlying causes of chronic pain.

Hot Stone Massage

Reflexology Massage



It expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body.

Reflexology uses hand, thumb, and finger techniques to stimulate certain areas of the feet.

Orthopedic massage therapists use alignment and release techniques to help clients recover from injuries and surgery. 





It expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body.

Clinical massage therapy (or rehabilitation massage therapy) means that the massage is a site-specific treatment with a precise goal or outcome in mind.

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